DB2 12 Continuous Delivery June 2017_Part1

This deck was too big so had to be broken in to two parts for upload to our server.

DB2 for z/OS is now offering continuous delivery of new features. Taking advantage of new capabilities and enhancements for DB2 for z/OS is now faster and more accessible than ever before
thanks to continuous delivery. In DB2 12, an environment is created where new functions can be delivered as activatable function levels multiple times a year, as opposed to waiting for the next DB2 version. Continuous delivery can help DB2 for z/OS customers by:
- Delivering new function when the quality is right
- Maintaining a stable environment
- Reducing costs associated with migration disruptions in a 3-year upgrade cycle
- Allowing systems to adopt new functions quicker
- Creating stable environments for applications to be developed, tested and deployed