What’s hidden in the ARCHIVES – DB2’s answer to American Pickers?

DB2 10 offered temporal tables to optimize, automate and streamline the ability to keep the history of a row’s life. DB2 11 adds a different dimension to this area – now it’s possible to have DB2 automate archiving data without the need for applications to activate triggers, execute REORG DISCARD processing or even maintain your own programs to achieve archiving. You’ll learn what’s needed in terms of DDL to enable data archiving automatically as well as the changes needed from the SQL/application view. There’s no perfect world (Utopia doesn’t exist) so we will also look into the limitations and restrictions when ARCHIVE tables are exploited in DB2 11 NFM. Finally, we will go over what needs to be considered in terms of backup and recovery as well as other DB2 utilities which are impacted. The entire presentation will be done based on a real DB2 11 subsystem to see how all the moving parts work together.