November 8th CODUG meeting

We welcome Randy Ebersole from IBM and Tony Poole from BMC to our next CODUG meeting which will be held on November 8, 2016 at the IBM Campus, in Dublin, OH. This will be an all day event including lunch! It's important that you register for this meeting so that we have an accurate count for lunch.

- Randy Ebersole (IBM)
- Tony Poole (BMC)

8:30 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 - 9:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:15 - 10:30 DB2 for z/OS V12 Early View Speaker: Randy Ebersole
10:30 - 10:45 Break
10:45 - 12:00 Everything a DB2 for z/OS Application Developer Needs to Know About the DB2 Engine in 3.6 Milliseconds Speaker: Randy Ebersole
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch and Networking
1:00 - 2:15 Trusted Context and Roles - How are You Serving Up Your Security? Speaker: Tony Poole
2:15 - 2:30 Break
2:30 - 3:45 The Natives are Getting Restless—an Overview of DB2 Stored Procedures Speaker: Tony Poole
3:45 - 4:00 Closing Remarks

Presentation #1:
Randy Ebersole (IBM) – "DB2 for z/OS V12 Early View”


Every new release of DB2 for z/OS has a wealth of new features and functions and DB2 12 has delivered! This presentation is an early view of the long list of new features in DB2 12. Our focus is to provide details on the top features you should consider first as you begin planning on the exploitation of this newest version of DB2 for z/OS. Our focus will be on those features that deliver big returns for the broadest functional areas such as Query, OLTP and Insert performance, scalability in-memory usability and tablespace size, continuous availability features with a streamed line migration path, Easier application development and continued zAnalytics advancements.

Presentation #2:
Randy Ebersole (IBM) – "Everything a DB2 for z/OS Application Developer Needs to Know About the DB2 Engine in 3.6 Milliseconds"


In today’s world, DB2 for z/OS application requirements have become more complex than ever. This presentation is intended to provide the DB2 for z/OS processing fundamentals to the application developer. By increasing the developer’s awareness of how DB2 handles workloads, efficiencies will be realized. Areas such as index access, SQL processing, stored procedures and additional topics will be discussed.

Presentation #3
Tony Poole (BMC) - "Trusted Context and Roles – How are you serving up your security?"


Practical approaches to how to utilize these DB2 constructs to manage access and ownership of your objects and data. Using ROLE's to own and manage your objects and data can remove auth IDs and groups from the security picture. Useful information allowing you to verify whether you’re environment is as secure as you think it is!

Objective 1: Introduce and define the concepts of Trusted Context and Role
Objective 2: Illustrate how to utilize Role - WITH ROLE AS OBJECT OWNER--AND QUALIFIER
Objective 3: Illustrate implications when using ROLE vs AUTHID and GROUPS

Presentation #4:
Tony Poole (BMC) – "The Natives are getting Restless, an overview of DB2 Stored Procedures”


Stored Procedures were first added to DB2 for z/OS back in V5. Almost every release of DB2 since has added additional functionality or type of stored procedures. The different types of stored procedures have strengths and weaknesses. This presentation will provide a brief history of Stored Procedures in DB2 for z/OS, along with an overview of the schema used to create stored procedures. It will discuss the different types of stored procedures, External, External SQL and Native touching on some of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types. How can you test a new version of a Native stored procedure without affecting other executions of the active version? When it comes to deploying Native Stored Procedures across your environment, what options do you have available?

Speaker Biographies
Tony Poole (BMC)

Tony Poole has worked in the mainframe industry for 31 years. He started his career as an analyst/programmer for IBM in 1985 after graduating from the Central Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Computer Science. His DB2 experiences began with IBM and continued for the next 10 years in the UK/US as Tony gained experience working as a contract A/P across a variety of industry verticals. Tony joined a Southern Californian start-up in the late 90’s and joined BMC in 1999 as a Professional Services Consultant. Tony joined BMC’s R&D organization in 2001.For the past nine years he has been managing Engineering teams in the DB2 ADMINISTRATION product line area.

Randy Ebersole (IBM)

Randy Ebersole is an Executive Certified IT Specialist in IBM's Analytics Platform DB2 for z/OS Lab Services organization. Randy provides DB2 technical consulting to customers around the world. Randy is also involved with supporting customers participating in the DB2 Early Support Program. With over 30 years of practical, hands on DB2 experience, Randy has expert level skills in database, analytics and application design, DB2 system and application performance and high availability design.


IBM/Sterling Campus Building One
6060 Britton Parkway
Dublin OH 43016
Meeting rooms - Auditorium C

Map to the address.

Driving Directions to IBM/Sterling Campus:

  • Hit the Columbus I-270 outerbelt and head to the northwest quadrant of greater Columbus, the suburb of Dublin.
  • Exit onto Tuttle Parkway.
  • Turn to the west ... away from the Tuttle Mall ... head outside the loop ... head towards the countryside
  • Once clear of the highway interchange, at the 1st big light turn right onto Emerald Parkway (turning left would be Britton Parkway)
  • After about 100 feet turn right again into the IBM Sterling Campus.
  • After about 100 feet (again) turn right into the parking lot that is adjacent to Building ONE (6060 Britton Parkway).
  • Enter the foyer of Building ONE and call the number delimited on a sign that will be posted (or call 717-557-9254) for entry assistance.

Register here.

Looking forward to seeing you there.