August 2016

Avoiding L2 Performance PMRs

Root cause analysis of presumed, or actual DB2 performance issues can be quite tricky in today’s diverse environments. Everything from CEC capacity, LPAR utilization, real/virtual storage, WLM settings, PARMLIB members, and DB2 parameters can play a part in performance degradation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some tools (no-charge ones at that) which could quickly guide you in the direction of the root cause? Not just in text format but with graphs and trending lines that can visually depict the bottle neck and help educate management and colleagues.

DB2 for z/OS Distributed Access – In the Mobile Age

Come and learn the best practices and updates to Distributed Access on DB2 for z/OS 10 and DB2 11. As distributed environments become more complicated and important your organization needs a methodology for adjusting timeouts and other thresholds for high availability. We will go over the recommended driver and server configurations for workload balancing, high availability, and client reroute in a Data Sharing or non-Data Sharing environment.

What’s hidden in the ARCHIVES – DB2’s answer to American Pickers?

DB2 10 offered temporal tables to optimize, automate and streamline the ability to keep the history of a row’s life. DB2 11 adds a different dimension to this area – now it’s possible to have DB2 automate archiving data without the need for applications to activate triggers, execute REORG DISCARD processing or even maintain your own programs to achieve archiving. You’ll learn what’s needed in terms of DDL to enable data archiving automatically as well as the changes needed from the SQL/application view.

FEEDBACK tables and PROFILES – is it a dream

A lot of DB2 sites are using pretty basic RUNSTATS syntax, but they might be missing some hidden gems and not providing the optimizer with adequate statistics resulting in non-optimal performance. RUNSTATS has always been a challenge in terms of how to code the best possible syntax based on the SQL hitting the table and this task has not become any easier between each release of DB2. DB2 11 provides some great tools to assist with this task and the future looks even more promising. In this presentation, Steen will cover:
* A thorough walk through RUNSTATS profiles.

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