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It's not your Daddy's Db2

This file is too big to load to our CODUG website so I have added it to my IBM BOX account and I am sharing the folder. If you are unable to access the box link and would like to get the hand-out, please send an email to Terri Kemmer at IBM and I will send you the file. It's over 6M in size.

Box link:

Enabling DB2 APPLCOMPAT V11R1...How to use IFCID 366 reports

To enable DB2 APPLCOMPAT V11R1 in your environment, it is necessary to identify and change incompatible functions in dynamic and static SQLs.  This presentation will detail Fifth Third’s approach to identifying these incompatible functions using the IFCID 366 trace and extracts of dynamic and static SQL. The presentation will cover how to interpret IFCID 366 incompatible functions, and how to manage testing and implementation of changes.

DB2 LUW HA redesign and process improvements

DB2 (LUW) HA -redesign (Single to dual disk)
DB2 (LUW) process improvements

DB2 12 Continuous Delivery June 2017_Part2

This deck was too big so had to be broken in to two parts for upload to our server.

DB2 12 Continuous Delivery June 2017_Part1

This deck was too big so had to be broken in to two parts for upload to our server.

DB2 12 Migration Considerations June 2017

With the introduction of function levels within DB2 for z/OS 12, customers can choose when and which enhancements are implemented. These include virtual storage enhancements, new subsystem parameters, optimization enhancements (for static SQL statements, this means package bind/rebind after the function level activation) and new SQL capabilities.

Stored Procedures & SQL PL

Learn to code simple programs in the SQL Procedure Language (SQL PL). This is the language used by most stored procedures being written today on DB2 for LUW and z/OS. We’ll see the basics of the syntax and discover just how easy it is to code stored procedures using this language.


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