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The Coronavirus is continuing to impact our schedule. Again we've brainstormed with the NEODbug and MDUG and come up with another virtual meeting for DB2 Users across the world! (Hey, we are not sure how far this will reach, but being a WebEx, you don't have to be in Columbus to participate.) Again, many thanks to our sister/brother Db2 User Groups in Cleveland (NEODBug) and Detroit (MDug) for doing the leg work to attract some great speakers.

Our next meeting will be a WebEx meeting on August 26, 2021 from 10:00 till 2:00 (Eastern)

  • "DB2 for z/OS Index Performance recommendations" Presented by Dan Luksetich
  • "Squeeze Your Data With Db2: A History of Compression" Presented by Jim Dee
  • "Optimize Db2 for z/OS with Machine Learning using IBM Db2 AI for z/OS" Presented by Thomas Beavin

All Attendees: Register for WebEx meeting here: WebEx Registration

Meetings after that will be:

  • December 2021

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