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Presentations made at the Central Ohio Db2 User group are made available online for reference.

2016-05-13 CODUG DB2 for Linux on z Systems.pdf
2016-05-13 CODUG Query optimization and performance with DB2 11 for zOS-IBM 4x3.pdf
2016-08-16 Archive Tables.pdf
2016-08-16 Avoid IBM DB2 Performance Problem Management Record.pdf
2016-08-16 Distributed Strategy in the Mobile Age.pdf
2016-08-16 Too Many Fights in Your Marriage with Runstats.pdf
Advanced Query Tuning_Tony Andrews.pdf
CODUG-Automati cStorage-Schlamb-2015May19.pdf
CODUG-DB2pureScale -Schlamb-2015May19.pdf
DanL Query Transformation 20150816.pdf
DanL Temporal 20150816.pdf
DB2 10 11 and Beyond 2013 Nov Jay.pdf
DB2 101 - IBM Information Management Software Portfolio Overview 2013-04.pdf
DB2 12 Continuous Delivery MW user groups Pt1.pdf
DB2 12 Continuous Delivery MW user groups Pt2.pdf
DB2 12 Migration Considerations June 2017.pdf
DB2 Cancun Release - 2014-11-12.pdf
DB2 Data Sharing Deep Dive 2014 Nov MidWest.pdf
DB2 DDF Questions and Answers - CODUG.pdf
DB2 DPF Successes - Monitoring and Tuning a hybrid IBM InfoSphere Warehouse.pdf
DB2 for zOS Optimizer- 2014 Nov MidWest.pdf
DB2 LUW 2017 CODUG.pdf
Dirk deRoos-CODUG_2014-June-11.pdf
Everything a DB2 for zOS Application Developer needs to know Nov 2016 2 .pdf
Explain Yourself and Improve DB2 Performance!.pdf
IDAA Overview 040314.ppt
IDAA-Loader Presentation with Animation Current multi customer.pptx
Key DB2 metrics - part 1 - CODUG_0.pdf
Key DB2 metrics - part 2 - CODUG.pdf
Let me make this clear - CODUG.pdf
QMF Analytics for zOS and MP CODUG 2017-12-05.pdf
SQL Performance in Todays Digital World Part1.pdf
SQL Performance in Todays Digital World Part2.pdf
Stop Wasting Time With Utilities!.pdf
Stored Procedures and SQL PL.pdf
Temporal Data for CODUG June 2014_0.pdf
Top Ten Things You Need to Know (DBAs and Developers).pdf
Best Design and Performance Practices for Analytics-SeptemberEU.pdf
Security Part II 2018 Beulke SeptemberEU.pdf
IBM Data Server Manager.pdf
DB2 Security - RACF, Dynamic Masking, & Trusted Context v2.pptx

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