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Membership/Attendance Information
Who can attend:

Anyone can attend the user group meetings. You do not have to be a member.

Membership is based on company or corporate membership and offers benefits for the employees. A one-time fee of $xxx gains your company and all employees lifetime membership into CODUG, which provides reduced fees for the employees.

If your company is already a member, it will be listed in our membership list. If it is not and your company would like to become a member, contact one of the Board Members to request a company membership. Please contact a board member for any questions concerning your company's membership.

E-mail notification:

To be added to our email notification list for future events, please register.

Meeting Fees:

Costs for regular meetings:
Pre-registered members: $
Pre-registered non-members: $
At-the-door for members: $
At-the-door for non-members: $

To pre-register, you can 1) use PayPal or you can 2) pay by check. Usually, pre-registrations must be received by 5 business days prior to the meeting day. Please see the particular meeting notice for the specific date, as this can change.

1) To pre-register with PayPal, go to the meeting notification and click on the PayPal icon and follow directions. Then email the user group with the attendee's and employer's names.

2) To pay by check, you can mail the appropriate fee with attendee's and employer's names to:

Central Ohio DB2 Users' Group

Make checks payable to the CODUG.

We only accept cash or checks at the door.